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iPhone XS Max Service

Affordable, reliable and easy maintenance for the iPhone XS Max phone. Broken screen or battery replacement? Service times in less than an hour, battery changes in up to 20 minutes while waiting.

You can also bring your phone directly to our service point.

iPhone XS Max maintenance price list

Fault Price
Screen replacement Premium original quality €259.9
Screen replacement accessory good quality €209.9
Battery replacement €74.9
Charging port + Microphone 69.9 €
Power button cable 89.9 €
Sensor cable + Front camera (face recognition does not work after replacement) 69.9 €
Speaker 69.9 €
Rear camera €119.9
Volume buttons cable 89.9 €
Headphone (face detection does not work) 69.9 €
Vibes 59.9 €
WiFi / Bluetooth antenna 79.9 €
Moisture damage from €39.9

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